About Us

We have all seen the commotion in a night club/ pub on a weekend and we are trying to solve the very problem. We are in the business of designing products to improve the service quality of entertainment establishments like pubs, night clubs, bars, etc. Currently, our primary product is Boozimba mini - a cocktail mixing machine which has several cloud-based analytics features. The bartender can connect up to 20 different liquor containers of any size to the machine and the machine can dispense an assortment of cocktails (including all the popular ones) using our standard set of 12 flavors which are mixed and matched to achieve the right balance in the cocktail. The cocktails can be ordered from a mobile app or be manually punched in the machine which will be queued directly in our product and a waiter/customer can get it dispensed. The establishment owner also has access to a dashboard through which they can monitor the amount of sales for each cocktail, automatically set up workflow to order liquors based on consumption patterns, etc.


November, 2019

The first prototype was develope using industry Level modeling tools and then brought to life as POC.

January 2020 - Now

Our enthusiastic team was been tirelessly developing the The Boozimba Mini prototype which can easily be installed in pubs for cocktail dispensing.

December 2020

We plan to finish the development of the prototype by 2020 and start working on our final product.


We plan to get into business with The Boozimba Mini in early 2020 and further expand our scope to other products in the same space.

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