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  We provide a very customized delivery mechanism for vending delicious super-cooled cocktails in less than 15 seconds. Coupled with our vending machine, we also provide a bar on the cloud for our priority customers. Our entire venture is bootstrapped and we work in virtual teams from all over India. 


The logo

Our logo has the personification for a unicorn being a bold free spirited soul choosing to spread love and happiness and start conversations. and the heart also signifies the basic human tendency of liking or loving things which are hassle free, quicker and easier.


Our Mission

 We are passionate about taking Friday nights to another level. We might as well be the biggest party-loving startup in entire India. With a revolutionizing design for a state of the art cocktail vending machine, we plan to take on the nightlife business in every metropolitan city in India. 

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4/2, Daws Temple Road, Bally, Howrah, WB 711201, INDIA

+91-72098 59257 +91-9804440913


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